Spiral Coils

Spiral Coils


Our Coaxial Heat Exchangers use our Tru-Twist® inner tubes to create turbulent flow and provide more heat transfer surface in a compact package. More BTU’s per dollar make our coils the industry standard for residential and commercial heating and cooling. Water-cooled, water-source and earth-coupled equipment manufacturers worldwide turn to Turbotec’s high efficiency condensers and evaporators.

Turbotec Slim coils are designed with a compact design to obtain optimized thermal performance both for condensers and evaporators with freeze / foul resistant. Water runs through the inner tube and refrigerant in the shell, in counter flow.

  • Standard sizes range from 3/4 to 7 Ton Systems
  • Optional Mounting Brackets Available
  • Optimized Thermal Performance
  • Compact Designs
  • Freeze / Foul Resistant
  • Custom Designs Available Upon Request

Construction Data

Model NumberNominal SizeABCDEFGHJKLMUnit Weight
C-5601-019K0.6330.6330.5080.3839.0011.383.637. lbs.
C-5600-0112K0.6330.6330.5080.38310.7513.003.508.752. lbs.
C-5232-0118K0.6330.6330.5080.3839.3811.254.507.382.253.504.003.8810.74 lbs.
C-5977-0124K0.7580.7580.5000.50013.1314.504.2510.502.062.063.752.2516.43 lbs.
C-5978-0130K0.7580.7580.6250.62512.8115.384.3810.252.382.383.753.5021.53 lbs.
C-5984-0136K0.8830.8330.6250.62514.0015.755.1910.882.502.504.444.0026.00 lbs.
C-5980-0142K0.8330.8330.6250.62514.8816.885.0612.002.502.504.384.3120.00 lbs.
C-5955-0148K1.1251.1250.7580.38315.0017.508.0611.752.382.637.256.6347.38 lbs.
C-5924-0160K1.1251.1250.8750.87517.2518.007.6314.002.502.506.755.3856.00 lbs.
C-5694-0172K1.1251.1250.8830.50816.2518.758.3812.382.382.637.387.2562.90 lbs.
C-5851-0184K1.1251.1250.8830.66319.5019.509.5015.382.632.638.507.6372.19 lbs.
*All values are in inches

1. Optional Cupronickel inner tube
2. Optional mounting brackets are available
3. All "-02" models are renovations of previous products.

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