Slim Coils


Our Coaxial Heat Exchangers use our Tru-Twist® inner tubes to create turbulent flow and provide more heat transfer surface in a compact package. More BTU’s per dollar make our coils the industry standard for residential and commercial heating and cooling. Water-cooled, water-source and earth-coupled equipment manufacturers worldwide turn to Turbotec’s high efficiency condensers and evaporators.

Turbotec Slim coils are designed with a compact design to obtain optimized thermal performance both for condensers and evaporators with freeze / foul resistant. Water runs through the inner tube and refrigerant in the shell, in counter flow.

More Information
  • Standard sizes range from 3/4 to 7 Ton Systems
  • Optional Mounting Brackets Available
  • Optimized Thermal Performance
  • Compact Designs
  • Freeze / Foul Resistant
  • Custom Designs Available Upon Request

Jacket Tube: Carbon Steel
Inner Tube: Copper or Cupronickel

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Construction Data

Model NumberNominal Size ABCDEFGHJKUnit Weight
C-5956-019K0.5000.5000.3830.3839.0011.382.258.001.441.449.48 lbs.
C-5981-0112K0.6330.6330.3830.38310.5013.382.259.501.441.448.50 lbs.
C-5954-0119K0.6330.6330.5080.38311.3815.002.6310.191.501.5012.25 lbs.
C-5905-0124K0.7580.7580.6330.38312.8815.133.2511.572.382.3817.27 lbs.
C-5958-0130K0.7580.7580.5080.38314.7515.003.0013.442.412.4121.84 lbs.
C-5897-0136K0.8330.8330.7580.38316.0017.003.3814.501.752.5026.00 lbs.
C-5900-0142K0.8830.8830.7580.38318.5017.003.3815.631.752.5027.90 lbs.
C-5909-0148K1.1331.1330.7580.38318.5020.003.8817.002.382.5048.00 lbs.
C-5911-0160K1.1331.1330.7580.38319.2521.004.0017.502.382.5054.90 lbs.
C-5871-0184K1.1331.1330.8830.50823.5024.134.7521.252.752.5025.00 lbs.
*All measurements are in inches

1. Optional Cupronickel inner tube available
2. Optional mounting brackets available

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