Marine Coils


Turbotec Products, Inc. is a leading designer and manufacturer of marine-grade coils. The copper / cupronickel construction of these coils is specifically designed for the demanding nature of the marine environment and has a proven track record of performance. Many of today’s yachts and recreational boat manufacturers have come to trust the reliabilitiy of Turbotec’s innovative and robust coaxial heat exchanger designs.

  • Compact Designs
  • Available to work with 1/2 to 2 1/2 Ton Systems
  • Optimal Performance
  • Added Protection Against Erosion and Corrosion

Construction Data

Model NumberNominal SizeABCDEFGHJKUnit Weight
C-58676K0.6330.6330.3750.3758.5010.132.257.502.381.253.10 lbs.
C-58689K0.6330.6330.5000.3759.6311.502.258.632.751.253.90 lbs.
C-574412K0.6330.6330.3830.3759.8810.252.308.631.381.385.05 lbs.
C-592614K0.6250.6250.3830.37512.0012.882.3810.881.441.446.50 lbs.
C-586916K0.6330.6330.5000.37510.7511.002.309.503.501.385.75 lbs.
C-562618K0.6250.6250.5080.37511.1317.003.639.881.501.5010.29 lbs.
C-556324K0.7300.7300.5080.37514.7514.503.0013.381.501.6310.08 lbs.
C-553530K1.0001.0000.6330.62512.2523.003.6311.132.562.5618.80 lbs.
*All values are in inches

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