Helical Coils


Turbotec Helical Coils are built with Tru-Twist® technology to obtain optimized thermal performance with lower water consumption and superior anti-fouling designs. Water runs through the inner tube and refrigerant in the shell, in counter flow. Coils come in a helical shape and are designed as a drop-in replacement for most Ice Machines and Refrigeration systems.

  • Compact Designs
  • Available to work with 1/2 to 2 1/2 Ton Systems
  • Optimal Performance
  • Added Protection Against Erosion and Corrosio

Construction Data

Model NumberNominal SizeABCDEFGHJKUnit Weight
C-5205-029K0.6250.6250.3750.3757.389.757.315.881.251.257.85 lbs.
C-5205-0312K0.6250.6250.3750.3757.389.757.505.501.251.259.16 lbs.
C-5205-0418K0.7500.7500.5000.50010.5012.507.508.882.382.3810.21 lbs.
C-5208-0124K0.7500.7500.5000.50010.7513. lbs.
*All units are in inches

1. Optional copper inner tube available
2. Includes brackets