Flow Switches


Flow switches can be used for the protection of water cooled heat exchangers, machinery, pumps, and processes against liquid loss by sensing and switching on flow on non-flow operation. This robustly constructed paddle switch will provide alarm or shutdown functions via microswitch contacts and is easily set at installation to satisfy flow conditions.

More Information
  • Easy Installation
  • Paddle Lengths for Copper Pipes from 0.75"-3.00"
  • Different Colors of Union Nut
  • Sub-Assemblies Available
  • Custom Wire Terminations Available
  • Reliable Pump Monitoring
  • Offers Protection to Heat Exchangers

Reed Contact: Closes when flow starts, opens when flow stops

Magnet: for activating reed contact

Magnet #2 : For generating the paddle reset force

Paddle System: reacts to flow


Product Brochure || Operating Manual

Options Available Upon Request

  • Special set points
  • Reversed Switching Function
  • Insertion into collared copper pipes

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