Coaxial heat exchangers and enhanced tubing make efficeitn use of energy, material, and space in HVACR and industrial applications. We offer effective expertise and the widest product selection on the market. Want to learn how you can benefit and how other already do? Read through our applications below to learn more!
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Turbotec offers a wide range of highly efficient, compact, and versatile heat exchanger solutions for water-source heat pumps. As a world-leading supplier of coaxial heat and related services and expertise we are constantly developing and extending our solutions.
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Turbotec offers a full range of heat exchangers engineered to deliver the highest COP and the lowest life-cycle cost. The segment includes the supermarket and transport application areas.
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Turbotec heat exchangers are designed specifically for the swimming pool heat pump market. These heat exchangers are built with high performance Titanium and plastic which will withstand the effects of chlorides and other chemicals found in pool water.
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Turbotec heat exchangers have all the vital qualities demanded by engine, automotive, train, and marine applications. Robust and compact, they offer long-term reliability with minimal maintenance. Their flexible design and our ability to customize both the inner and outer tubing materials bring unbeatable performance and lifetime cost compared with other technologies.
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Heat in the form of vapor, hot water or hot air is a result of almost any production cycle, but it does not have to go to waste. With Heat Recovery from Turbotec, you can achieve efficient heat recovery in a number of applications.
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Heat transfer on an industrial scale is at the heart of the energy industry that supplies our society with everything from fuel to the hot water in our kitchen taps and the electricity in our wall sockets. We have a long history in many applications within the energy industry. We are also extending our reach by converting older technologies to coaxial heat exchangers. What makes this high-tech value chain possible is our ever-evolving product range and constantly expanding competence in many demanding and specialized areas.