From our General Manager
    Turbotec wants to thank you for being a partner with us. We consider every customer order a reflection of our organization. Our success is a result of an unwavering commitment to providing our customer with innovative and highly reliable solutions to their heat transfer needs. We are driven by the desire to constantly search for new ways to be of service, bring value, and to consistently deliver new and improved solutions. At Turbotec, we plan on driving one direction, and that's forward and being grateful for the past.
    You should expect an exceptional experience when you work with your Turbotec Team. If you have any questions or concerns you are welcome to contact me.

Todd Duckwitz

General Manager

Business Philosophy
    Turbotec is dedicated to excellence in the design, manufacture, and marketing of the most technologically advanced heat exchangers and value added to metal tubing, components, and systems. We provide products having un-compromised quality and exceptional value. We are responsive and innovative in serving the needs of our customers, employees, and suppliers.
    We have the right people in the right seats. We have a pulse on our operations by watching and managing a handful of numbers on a weekly basis. We document our processes and ensure that they are followed by everyone. We establish priorities for each employee and ensure that a high level of trust, communication, and accountability exist on each team. We identify and solve issues promptly in an open and honest environment.     We will be the best company and have the highest reputation in the industries we serve.

Tim Mimitz

Manager, Tooling & Equiptment

Davina Carr

Accounting Manager

Tammy Carpenter

Human Resources

David Navlyt

Quality Manager